Why am I a rambling pathological liar sometimes?!?? Ugh my mouth is always getting me in trouble

I skipped watching the Emmys to find clothes for recruitment, my new internship, and school. I ended up buying a winter coat and a couple cute dresses. Kinda success?

I can’t stop thinking about that stupid man from that stupid bar with his stupid cute face. Um I have a girlfriend this needs to stop, brain!

I hate that I don’t have the guts to tell you how I feel. 

fastest way to lose five pounds: have your girlfriend admitted into the ICU. I lost five pounds in four days because I literally could not eat. 

the important question in my life right now: what am i going to wear for my first day of work tomorrow?? 

That boyfriend ish person? He liked my haircut

Two years ago at this time I was being sexually assaulted.

It’s been a lot of struggle
A lot of pain
A lot of hurt

But now, now, I am stronger than I have ever been. I am happier than I have ever been.

A world of change has happened in the past two years. I have grown as a person. And as much shit as that was and as much shit I have gone through, I am strong and I will not break.

I am NOT a victim. I am a survivor.

Oh hey catholic homophobia.

Everyone likes my haircut. Except my boyfriend ish person. But that’s only because he hasn’t fucking seen it yet -_- fuck that noise.

My BFF is going to see it tonight. I’m excited and nervous, she’s picky.

I want to go more drastic, this is kinda tame. I just saw the cutest baby dyke with an awesome shaved haircut, I think I might do something like that next.